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Posted May 12, 2017

Just when you start to think “It’s been 15 years, the homeowner has most likely forgotten about Karen’s Company,” is when you are wrong. This Lafayette homeowner walked into our offices and told us about the days, 15 years ago, when she had worked with Karen. She then explained that she had some painting that was long overdue and she would love to see Karen again!

Karen came out to take a look at the family room, master bedroom, stair railings, and kitchen. When the visit was over, the homeowner was thrilled to have gotten the chance to catch up with her old friend and was enthusiastic about her next painting project.

Bill lead his trusty team, Anthony and Milos, as they painted the days away on this small interior project. They caulked seams, cut in areas, sanded the railings, and followed up everything with a couple of coats of paint.

As the project came to an end, all we can say is that we hope this customer does not wait another 15 years to call us back. Not only do we like working on her house, but we love working for her.

How long has it been since Karen’s Company painted for you?

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