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What Kind of Stain Should You Use for Your Deck? Staining Tips for Longmont, CO

Posted May 16, 2014

exterior stainingThis weekend may be a little rainy, but overall it cannot be denied that warmer weather has arrived. Are you feeling drawn outside? Sure, it is a great time of year to tackle projects like landscaping or exterior painting, but it is an equally good time of the year to enjoy family and friends in the sun. There are few better places to do that than on your deck! How is it looking this spring? If you are planning a deck staining and refinishing project, you may be asking yourself: what kind of stain is best to use on my deck?

Deck Stain Options

The following are the four primary kinds of stains to choose from:
  1. Clear Sealer- Think of this as being the equivalent for your deck of wearing a light wind-breaker. Moisture will be sealed out, eliminating the issue of rotting, but UV rays will still turn the wood grey over time.
  2. Semi-transparent Stain- This stain will add a bit of color to your wood, making for a pleasant look, and it also will block most UV rays (eliminating the graying). Also, it provides some water protection, but for best results you would coat a clear sealer over it.
  3. Semi-solid stain- The good side to the semi-solid stain is that with the greater level of colorant offered there is greater protection for the wood all around.
  4. Solid-color stain- Solid stains sit on the surface of the wood, much like paint, rather than soaking in deeply like a lighter stain does. This forms a very protective film, but covers over the beauty of the wood.

Are You Looking for a Professional Painting and Refinishing Service?

If you live in Longmont or elsewhere in the Boulder County area, we hope you will contact us at Karen’s Company for your project. We offer a variety of interior and exterior services, including deck refinishing, and would love to help you make short work of your summer to-do list!

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