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What Color Should Your Closet Be? Choosing Interior Colors

Posted Feb 13, 2015

What Color Should Your Closet Be? Choosing Interior Colors

Let’s talk about closets for a minute. Just like the nature of their contents, there can be a lot of variation here. They range from large to small, fully-functional and organized to, well, not quite so put together.

How about your closet’s interior color? This is easy to overlook! After all, it kind of falls under the category of a utilitarian space, meant more for holding clothes and dusty board games than showcasing style.

In reality, however, you closet’s colors can be strategically chosen to both increase the efficiency of the space and make it a valuable addition to your room’s overall look.

Painting Your Closet Strategically

  • Using light paint colors - If you are the kind of person who picks the outfit of the day right out of your closet, fumbling through your shirts or ties in the early morning hours, a lighter interior color is a good choice because it increases clarity and visibility. Choose a higher-gloss paint, too! It’s durable, standing up to bumps and gouges, and, because it is a more reflective option, it will maximize the light inside the space.
  • Using darker colors - This is a great option if you would prefer to obscure the items in your closet. In other words, if it is well-used, or in a public space where you don’t want the contents to stand out brightly when the door is open.
  • Matching the surrounding color - Is your closet large, like maybe a walk-in style? If so, matching it to your bedroom's wall color in order to help it simply blend and flow makes a lot of sense.
  • Choose your sheen - Remember, satin or flat sheens may seem attractive because they are very forgiving and cover wall blemishes easily, but they also are quick to show their age. In a space where items are nearly constantly being bumped, moved, and reorganized (especially during spring cleaning!), a tough, higher-gloss paint is a good investment.

Do You Need a Professional Painting Company?

If you live in the Boulder County area and are looking for help with your next interior or exterior painting project, why not reach out to us at Karen’s Company? Our team would love to help! We offer complete interior and exterior painting services, including color selection services.

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