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Tips for Painting Your Child’s Bedroom in Boulder County

Posted Jan 28, 2015

Tips for Painting Your Child’s Bedroom in Boulder County

Ideally, your child’s room should be a fun place that sparks their imagination and lines up with their interests and personality. In a lot of ways, the concept isn’t much different than what drives you to certain colors for your own bedroom (just swap “sparks their imagination” with “promotes relaxation”).

As you choose the paint colors for your child’s room, are there any other strategies and ideas you can keep in the back of your mind? We’ve put together a couple for you to consider.

Choose a Bedroom Color that Will Last

It’s all too easy to pick a baby’s room color a lot like you pick their clothes: something just jumps off the shelf and, because it’s “so cute,” it finds its way home with you. There’s nothing wrong with that fundamentally, but since paint isn’t switched out quite as easily as coveralls, it can be worth planning ahead.

The beauty of a kid’s room is that so much is dictated by the decorations. Try choosing a color that is warm and fun, and that can be very “baby-ish” when accompanied by soft, baby-ish colors, but that can also grow up with your child. Pale greens, for example, work beautifully for a newborn’s room, but can also be a lot of fun when paired with bright, bold decorations, furniture, blankets, and pillows as the years go on. Lighter, less intrusive colors are the ones that last.

Involve Your Child!

The fear that a lot of parents have when it comes to letting their kids help with choosing paint colors is that they will make a mad rush for the brightest, boldest, wildest colors. And, that is actually pretty accurate! Here are a couple of ways to counter that:

  • Take the color they choose, then tone it down a little. If they ask for a wild, hot pink, for example, just choose a lighter, softer hue.
  • Or, take the color they want and paint only an accent wall. It can be more easily changed than an entire room, but it also earns you all the cool points.

Non-Permanent Bedroom Decorations

There are a huge number of quality stickers and decals that can be put on your kids’ walls in place of wallpapers and borders. And, the beauty of this kind of decoration is that just as their interests change quickly and easily, so can the decals.

Do You Need a Professional Painting Company?

If you have questions about color selection or any of our other interior and exterior painting services, why not contact us at Karen’s Company? It would be our pleasure to discuss your project ideas and goals!

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