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Stunning Entry Door In Broomfield - Stripping Old Paint to Uncover a Beauty.

Posted Sep 29, 2022

Our client had a painted wooden door at the entry of their home. Knowing that there was a quality wooden door beneath the fading paint lead her to ask us to help her strip the door and refinish the door back to its original wood grain. Our Team of Alyssa and Josh used a paint stripper and specialty stripping tools and techniques to remove the old paint. Here is a picture of the door during the stripping process.

For this project we used a Soy Gel containing product - Blue Bear Paint Stripper. Karen likes this product because it works well and its eco friendly "Non-Caustic, Biodegradable, No Toxic Fumes"

Near the end of the stripping process, the door looked like this ...

And once stained, clear-coated and rehung, it looked great!

Let us know if you would like any more details on the process!

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