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Newly Painted "White Dove" Cabinets and Painting Cabinets Safely

Posted Mar 27, 2022

This week we are featuring another "before and after" kitchen cabinet painting project. The homeowner had us perform our through cabinet surface preparation procedures and then paint the cabinets with the popular Benjamin Moore OC-17 "White Dove" latex semigloss paint. The island cabinets were painted a dramatic black semigloss. We think the cabinets turned out great and our customer is thrilled with her kitchen.

We are also proud to show some pictures of our crew as they process the cabinets doors and drawer fronts in our professional spray shop facility in Broomfield. There are some candid pictures of Josh and Carson doing a light sanding between sprayed paint coats. Light sanding between coats is one of the best practices we use to ensure a uniform, attractive and durable finish for your cabinets.

We also include a picture of Carson spraying a cabinet door in our spray shop. If you are not familiar with how such a facility is equipped, we can point out the vertical wall of ventilation filters behind Carson. He is in an OSHA approved high flow ventilation area, and the filters behind him collect the latex paint particles generated by the cabinet painting process. As a secondary measure, our workers wear N95 mask as PPG "Personal Protective Gear" to avoid inhaling or ingesting any particles.

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