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How To Modernize Cabinets

Posted Apr 15, 2017

Internet searches make up about 21% of our marketing since the year 2001. By searching the internet one is able to find a variety of sites we patronize and rely on to display our work, inform the public about our company, and encourage others to give us a call for all their painting needs.

For this homeowner, her kitchen cabinets were in need of a fresh coat of paint so she decided to search the internet until finding a company that best suited her needs, which just so happened to be us! Using our handy booking tool on our website she was able to schedule a free estimate with one of our estimating professionals to discuss some of the ideas she had for her kitchen.

During her estimate she explained she was looking for something classic and simple that would match her kitchen as well as the general decor of her home. Since white cabinets are all match practically everything, she decided that this was the way to go. The next thing that needed to be figured out was the brand of paint she wanted to use. She was looking for something that would last a while and look classy. Jeff explained to her that we often use Benjamin Moore Regal Select Semi gloss paint and provided her with some samples of our previous work with this product. Impressed with the results, the homeowner decided this is what she should use in order to modernize her cabinets.

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