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"Butternut" Tinted Stain for a Longmont Deck Project

Posted Oct 03, 2022

Homeowners have a lot of choice of colors and stain tints when they are staining their redwood deck. Karen's Company recommends a high quality penetrating stain for new decks, recently stripped redwood decks, or decks that have been previously stained with a similar product. PPG's CETOL SRD product is one that we recommend for such an application.

The most popular tints to use with a quality stain are Butternut, Cedar, Dark Oak, Mahogany, Natural, Natural Oak and Teak. While each has its own striking look, "Butternut" is a great choice for a warm, rich finished appearance of your redwood deck. (To us, just the mention of the word butternut gives us visions of warmth and sweetness!)

Last week we had the opportunity to clean and re-stain a redwood deck for a couple in Longmont. It was a pretty straightforward project for repeat clients. We wanted to post some pictures here to showcase the Cetol SRD product, in the wonderful Butternut tint.

This is a great time to re-coat your redwood deck. You can ensure your deck is protected from the winter elements and have a great looking deck not only for this fall, but into next spring and summer.

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