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A Look at the Interior Color Trends of 2015

Posted Jan 16, 2015

A Look at the Interior Color Trends of 2015

This is an exciting time! Not only do we find ourselves in the fresh, clean air of a new year, but we also get to look ahead and think about all the possibilities as far as the best and brightest color trends of 2015.

So, what is the actual relevance of this for you?

In short? Inspiration.

After all, one of the factors in an interior painting project that most often slows people down is trying to decide exactly what color will be best.

What Are the Popular Interior Colors this Year?

According to both Sherwin Williams and the Paint Quality Institute, one of the most popular interior paint colors of 2015 is going to be grey. If you just stopped reading and are thinking about why in the world grey is so huge (maybe with a confused look on your face), let’s pause for a minute and discuss this interesting color.

Erase the stereotypes in your mind of grey being a gloomy, overcast, staring-out-the-window and-wondering-why-it’s-still-raining kind of color. It actually is hugely versatile, and part of a large family of shades, hues, and moods. It can be cool and modern, classy and classic, and it also begs to be surrounded by bright, inviting accents. This opens up a lot of creative potential!

Green - A Friendly and Natural Color

Benjamin Moore’s prediction differs from that of Sherwin Williams and the PQI. These folks foresee the heavy-hitter this year being a pale, soft green. Specifically, they propose their own Guilford Green.

And, truth be told, this is a great color! Similarly to grey, this shade of green (whether you go with Guilford Green or not) is versatile, fresh, and calming. Another wonderful option!

So, Which Interior Color Should You Choose?

When it comes down to it, the right decision is completely yours. Take a moment to browse online, be inspired, and think through all your options. Just remember, a color that is versatile and plays well with others is often a good choice unless you’re going for a strong stylistic statement.

Let us know if we at Karen’s Company can help!

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