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Karen Van Dehy

Karen Van Dehy

Since the age of 13, Karen has loved the process and result of painting. The process, watching a surface be totally transformed, is immensely satisfying, but the happiness that comes as a result is perhaps even better. Whether the work involves new colors, stains, custom finishes, or repairing problems, the goal is always to bring joy to our client and allow them to love and enjoy their home that much more.

This focus on happiness spreads to Karen’s team as well. More than any particular skill set that can be taught, Karen looks for attributes in her employees that are not easily learned: motivation, passion, enthusiasm, and happiness that comes from doing a job well and seeing a smile on our client’s face.

Karen has a degree in physiology and genetics, but painting has fulfilled her deeper purpose and is where her true passion lies. When she isn’t working hard with her team she might be furthering her professional education by attending courses and workshops, or she might be outside with her family. Karen loves hiking, camping, and gardening in particular. She also is a Packers fan by marriage (there was no choice in the matter!), and a Broncos fan by location.

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Jeff Van Dehy

Jeff Van Dehy

Jeff joined Karen's Company in 2011 in the capacity of CFO and Office Manager. He supports the owner, staff, and painting crews through all aspects of Operations, Estimating, Sales, Finances, Marketing, Human Resources and Business Development.

Jeff comes to Karen's Company after a first career in biotechnology. “I am still interested in science. The art of applying the right paint color paint and the physics and chemistry of making sure it lasts are two of the most important aspects of a successful paint job.”

He says that working for his wife's company is a terrific experience. “Karen has always been passionate about painting – she gets such great satisfaction from every completed job and happy customer. I value the opportunity to help Karen build and maintain the company.”

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Raven has been with our company for 3 years now. He started out as an Apprentice Painter and worked his way up to a Crew Leader. His knowledge and experience with the company have now helped him to grow into our Sales Position. We are confident you will find his expertise and personableness refreshing when you are needing help deciding on your next big project!

When Raven is done for the day, he enjoys hanging out with friends and hanging out in his hammock (not always at the same time). Or, if he’s feeling energetic, you might catch him playing a variety of summer and wintertime sports.

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Hillary Mehnert

Hillary Mehnert

Hillary has been with our company for 5 years now! She started out as an Apprentice Painter and has worked her way up to Crew Leader and now our Operations Manager. We are very proud of the progress she has made! She is a fast, detail-oriented, experienced painter, making her ideal to lead our team. We appreciate her crisp lines and steady hand!

When she is not working hard for our company she is playing hard with her outdoor sports she loves, which include summertime hiking and camping, and wintertime snowboarding.

Jenn Kelley

Jenn Kelley

When Jenn joined our team 5 years ago, she found what she calls her “forever job” (and we’re good with that!). She is passionate about being part of a small, local business, and reflecting our painting team’s attention to detail and focus in every aspect of her job. We appreciate her love for craftsmanship, customer care, and the services we provide.

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